The world you could only dream of.


ONLY 1,380 Pink Dolls available.


What is Pink Tower?

The Pink Tower is 1,380 Pink Dolls and 3,105 Pleasure Pads in the Metaverse.

What are Pink Passes?

Pink Passes are NFTs that give VIP privileges and in world rewards to owners.

What are Pink Dolls?

Pink Dolls are your metaverse doll NFTs!

What are Pleasure Pads?

Pleasure Pads are your Pads in Pink Tower.

What is an ETH wallet?

An ETH wallet allows you to own digital assets on many different blockchains. We recommend MetaMask.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique token on a blockchain that can give owners access to exclusive content and experiences.

What can I do with my Pink Tower NFTs?

You will be able to unlock Pleasure Pads with your Pink Dolls and have a lot of fun! Welcome to the future!


690 Pink Passes

1,380 Pink Dolls: Mint Pass
(airdrop to Pink Pass owners within 14 days after pink pass origin sale)

1,380 Pink Dolls Mint (30 days after mint pass sale)

3,105 Pleasure Pads Mint (30 days after Pink Dolls origin sale)

The Pink Tower Drop (30 days after Pleasure Pads origin sale). Play with your Pink Dolls in your Pleasure Pads!

Welcome to the future.